Witness: The Final Act
Episode No.   Series
2230 2008x012
Original Airdate
7 February 2008 Flag of United Kingdom
Written By
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Directed By
Episode Chronology:

Emma and Tony arrive on the scene in the Area Car to rescue Smithy and Alisha & Oscar Daniels from the overturned IRV. The court is adjourned until the afternoon so Alisha can be checked over. A riot kicks off on the Jasmine Allen as the police become targets. Heaton leads a team assisted by TSG to tackle the rioters and arrest Raheem Woods. Smithy and Alisha ID Spencer Wright as the driver of the ram car, and he is pulled away from a crowd of rioters, but the car is found in the middle of the riot and is about to be set alight. A shocking revelation about the guns and the drama heightens as this is revealed, but will justice be served?

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