Witch Hunt
Episode No.   Series
238 1990x051
Original Airdate
26th June 1990 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Witch Hunt is the 238th episode of The Bill.

6 weeks after the murder of Jenny Price, nothing seems to have happened. Wray thinks Lines should have followed up questioning of a school caretaker.

Wray thinks the man will tell them something if they keep asking. Lines loses it. The suspect feels guilty because he sent the boy home before he was killed.

  • Clive Wood as D.C.I. Wray
  • Kevin Lloyd as D.C. Lines
  • Mark Wingett as D.C. Carver
  • Jon Iles as D.C. Dashwood
  • Peter Ellis as Ch. Supt. Brownlow
  • Ben Roberts as Ch. Insp. Conway
  • Simon Rouse as D. Supt. Meadows

This episode is part four of the storyline begun in Canley Fields.

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