White Lies
Episode No.   Series
1509 2000x033
Original Airdate
23 May 2000 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Simon Sharkey
Directed By
Christopher Hodson
Episode Chronology:
White Lies is the 1509th episode of The Bill.

A Barton Street PC is stabbed when he pursues two robbery suspects into Sun Hill. A black youth, identified as Mark Okin, is found bashed and unconscious at about the same time. PC Jim Carver is assigned to the Okin family in his new role as Family Liaison Officer, but further investigation by CID makes Mark a suspect in PC Brennan's stabbing. Carver is horrified when DS Daly wants him to use his position of trust with the Okin family to collect evidence against Mark. John Wilson, the boyfriend of Mark's sister Amy is found to be responsible for the robbery, stabbing PC Brennan, as well as beating up Mark when he refused to take the blame for the stabbing.

  • Mark Wingett as P.C. Carver
  • Ray Ashcroft as D.S. Daly
  • Chris Simmons as D.C. Webb
  • Karl Collins as D.C. Glaze
  • Colin Tarrant as Insp. Monroe
  • Trudie Goodwin as Sgt. Ackland
  • Eric Richard as Sgt. Cryer
  • Samantha Robson as P.C. Hagen
  • Rene Zagger as P.C. Klein
  • Alex Walkinshaw as P.C. Smith
  • Clive Wedderburn as P.C. McCann
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