White Cliffs of Dover is the 1636th episode of The Bill

DCI Meadows is approached by a German lawyer, Eva Melchor, with an interesting proposal from her client, a notorious armed robber named Paul Kerrigan, now living overseas. Kerrigan's sister Rene is dying, and provided he is allowed to see her for the last time, he will not only turn himself in to Meadows, he will also identify the M25 gang, a vicious gang of armed robbers who have been terrorising London. True to his word, Kerrigan shops Kevin Lee, the gang's armourer, and a police search reveals a cache of weapons in Lee's pet shop. With MIT and OCG eagerly awaiting Kerrigan's information, Meadows places Kerrigan in a safe house. When a series of car bombs distracts PCs Carver and Worrell, Kerrigan escapes. Meadows works out that his sister's illness was a convenience, as Kerrigan was on the run from the Russian mafia and needed to enter Britain to pick up money and a new passport. Kerrigan turns up dead in a car boot, and Meadows realises Melchor is more involved than she is letting on, but as they intercept her at the Dover ferry terminal, she is shot dead in front of them.

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