Turnaround is the 1127th episode of The Bill

A recently released paedophile is reported missing by his sister, who was the only member of his family to stick by him when he was charged with abducting and raping a child. She blames the child's father for her brother's disappearance, and says that he has been harassing and threatening her and her brother since he got out of prison.

D.C.I. Meadows, who ran the original investigation, is reluctant to go after the father, but D.I. Deakin persists. D.C. Skase finds blood and other signs of a struggle in the man's garden shed. Meadows decides to talk to the father, and gets him to admit to following the paedophile and phoning him and his sister to tell them that he should leave Sun Hill. However, he denies having seen him on the day of the disappearance, or knowing what happened in his house.

Evidence is uncovered that put the father at the house shortly before the disappearance. Meadows and Deakin follow the father hoping that he will lead them to where he is keeping the paedophile but he leads them and D.S. Beech on a wild goose chase. W.D.C. Rawton uncovers further evidence when searching his garage with D.C. Skase, which leads them to where the paedophile is being held, alive.

Meadows shows the sister photograph that the child's father took of her brother outside a school but she still chooses to believe that what her brother did was a one-off incident.

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