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Trust Me (1996)
Episode No.   Series
1094 1996x133
Original Airdate
8 November 1996 Flag of United Kingdom
Episode Chronology:

Trust Me is the 1094th episode of The Bill

Sgt. Ackland investigates an irregularity on an insurance claim: a local decorator named Ian Palmer was involved in a car accident in which his wife Dawn was driving. However, the car is registered at a different address and his spouse listed with the insurance company is called Helen Palmer. Ackland discovers that Palmer is actually married to both women and is leading a double life.

DC Carver and WDC Rawton follow up on the case and learn that Ian had yet another wife, Carol, and has a grown-up daughter, Jenny, who is now working as his accountant. Carol died some years previously, but Ian married Helen without divorcing Carol, fathered three children with her, then married Dawn whilst still married to Helen, and continued living with both of them. All of the women know nothing of the others' existence.

They track down Ian and arrest him, but he is surprisingly relaxed about his double life. Jenny initially doesn't mind when told of her father's antics and is willing to let him be bailed to her house, until she realises that he let her stay in a care home after her mother died while he was raising her three half-siblings with his wife. Carver enjoys telling Palmer that neither of his wives, nor his daughter, will have him back, so he cannot be bailed and will have to spend the night in custody.