Trouble on the Aldbourne Part 2
Episode No.   Series
2143 2007x017
Original Airdate
1 March 2007 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Trouble on the Aldbourne is the 2143rd episode of The Bill.

Nikki supervises the mass eviction of tenants from the Aldbourne Estate, and finds herself having to manage a public order situation, when a criminal holds Diane hostage in the carrier. Mickey traces the driver who ran June off the road. She and Gold present Heaton with evidence of DAC Hobbs' involvement in the corrupt property development, however when it appears he won't do anything to expose his lover, it appears he wants to handle it himself. Jim Carver returns to Sun Hill to discuss a case. June's efforts see that the station is to survive the forthcoming reorganisation.

This episode sees the first of three guest appearances by Mark Wingett as former Sun Hill DC Jim Carver, who served at Sun Hill as a PC and DC from Woodentop (1983) until Episode 289a (2005).

Final appearance of DAC Georgia Hobbs.

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