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Trouble & Strife
Episode No.   Series
56 1988x021
Original Airdate
27th September 1988 FlagIcon UK small
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P.C. Haynes and P.C. Ramsey attend a domestic where a pregnant woman, Joanna Mancini, has been beaten by her husband with a bike chain. As Haynes and Ramsey try to calm the Mancinis down, Joanna drives her husband's car into a wall, and he retaliates by dropping appliances, including her sewing machine, television and vacuum cleaner, out of the window. Ramsey breaks into the house, but the husband has disappeared. Ramsey climbs into the loft to look for him, and Antonio jumps him, causing them to fall through the ceiling. When Haynes and Ramsey go to arrest Antonio, Joanna attacks them. Both of them are arrested for assaulting police officers, but as they are being led out, the Mancinis' teenage son arrives....


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  • P.C. Haynes is attacked with a cake mixer which tears his sleeve in exactly the same spot as he was gashed with a machete in the last episode.
  • Joanna and Antonio Mancini would again appear in the series five episode "Out To Lunch".

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