Too Many Chiefs
Episode No.   Series
307 1991x016
Original Airdate
21st February 1991 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Directed By
Episode Chronology:
Too Many Chiefs is the 307th episode of The Bill

After dropping off a girl at a children's home, Dave and Cathy get called back in for a potential suicide. The girl Dave brought back in the morning seems to be the last person to see the dead girl alive. The man in charge of the home resigns. The dead girl had a boyfriend who, according to her diary, took her to Spain and Wales as well as other places. There was an unreported break-in. This and some photographs the disappearing girl had seem to be connected to the suicide.

  • Eric Richard as Sgt. Cryer
  • Colin Tarrant as Insp. Monroe
  • Andrew Paul as P.C. Quinnan
  • Lynne Miller as W.P.C. Marshall
  • Peter Ellis as Ch. Supt. Brownlow
  • Andrew Mackintosh as D.S. Greig
  • Larry Dann as Sgt. Peters
  • Colin Alldridge as P.C. Young
  • Huw Higginson as P.C. Garfield
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