Three In A Bed
Episode No.   Series
910 1995x98
Original Airdate
31 August 1995 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:
Three In A Bed is the 910th episode of The Bill.

PC Jarvis brings a drink-driver into custody for a breathalyser test. DS Beech is wrapping up an interview with a suspect and recognises the driver as an old colleague, Sgt. Elliot from Parkhill. Elliot asks Beech to get him off or he risks losing his job as well as his pension. Beech tries to persuade Sgt. Boyden to find a way of getting him off. Beech volunteers to blow into the machine instead of Elliot to get a clear breath test. Boyden won't allow that, but reluctantly agrees that they could 'accidentally' leave Elliot's blood samples on the radiator, effectively drying out the alcohol.

However, Insp. Monroe also recognises Elliot and insists that they play it by the book and Elliot's superintendent be informed. With Monroe now involved, Boyden gets cold feet and refuses to go along with Beech's plan to help Elliot, despite Beech's pleas. Elliott is led away and Beech warns Boyden that he shouldn't expect any help if he ever needs a favour in the future.


This episode was filmed in real time with the camera as a "fly-on-the-wall".

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