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This Little Pig
Episode No.   Series
17 1985x009
Original Airdate
23rd December 1985 FlagIcon UK small
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This Little Pig is the 17th episode of The Bill. An oasis of sanity or just a branch office of bedlam? Sun Hill is hardly a place to be caught working overtime.


P.C. Taffy Edwards corners a pig that was released from the City Farm and gets dropped in it by P.C. Pete Muswell. Muswell has problems with income tax on wages from the miners' strike. P.C. Reg Hollis makes initial enquiries about the Chief Super's clerk's job. Both D.I. Galloway and Sgt. Cryer have problems with an overtime clamp-down and get another lecture from Brownlow about it. Fur protestors are arrested outside a fur shop. Taffy, W.P.C. June Ackland and Muswell arrest a man on his wedding day for non-appearance in court.



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