The Writing On The Wall
Episode No.   Series
911 1995x99
Original Airdate
1 September 1995 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:
The Writing On The Wall is the 911th episode of The Bill.

Someone has written a lot of abusive graffiti about PC Hollis in the gents toilets and he is determined to find the culprit. He eventually discovers that the cleaner himself is responsible, because he needs the overtime.

Meanwhile, DS Beech, DC Skase, WDC Croft and PC Jarvis set out to catch a group of muggers. They arrest one of them, but Skase misidentifies the ringleader, who manages to escape.


When they persue Kevin Parkin down the alleyway, Suzi Croft is far behind the other three. However, in the very next shot she is at the front of the group.

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