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The New Order of Things
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24 1987x001
Original Airdate
21st September 1987 FlagIcon UK small
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The New Order of Things is the 24th episode of The Bill.


Sgts. Peters and Penny apprehend a man standing outside the station waiting to attack P.C. Muswell (who had left the force six months previously).

P.C. Jim Carver begins his CID training by working on an all night obbo with D.S. Ted Roach. Due to Carver's inexperience and Roach's lax attitude, they both miss a flatbed trailer stealing a digger from a building site. Roach and Carver follow up their suspicions about the site security guard, and find he has stolen the equipment.

Back at Sun Hill, D.I. Roy Galloway is being investigated by the Home Office for allegedly forcing a confession from a murder suspect under duress at his last posting. Galloway is cleared of wrongdoing due to lack of evidence, but Ch. Supt. Brownlow warns him that his old-school policing methods may be his undoing.

In a suprising turn of events, one of P.C. Reg Hollis's rare walks on the beat with W.P.C. June Ackland leads to him apprehending an armed gunman single-handedly from the Sun Hill D.H.S.S. office.

W.P.C. Martella manages to talk down a woman threatening to throw herself off a block of flats as she has just discovered she has AIDS.


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  • P.C. Hollis claims that he would like to work with dogs, but he is allergic to them.


  • First appearance of Insp. Brian Kite (Simon Slater), the first uniformed inspector seen at Sun Hill since Insp. Sam Deeping in the pilot episode, "Woodentop".
  • The man standing outside the station admits to intending to attack P.C. Pete Muswell who, he claims, killed his brother. Sgt. Peters reveals that Muswell had quit the force six months earlier: this incident might have proved the catalyst.
  • The new Sun Hill police station makes its first appearance. The previous set had been based in a converted warehouse in Artichoke Hill, Wapping in East London, next door to the News International printing plant. This was the site of a printers' strike in 1985/1986 and led to the suspension of filming of season 3 as it proved impossible to film there, particularly as the police were not popular with the strikers! The new station was constructed in an old record company depot situated on Barlby Road, off Ladbroke Grove in West London. The building was noticeably larger than the original location.
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