The Last Stop- Part 1
Episode No.   Series
2144 2007x018
Original Airdate
7 March 2007 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

The Last Stop- Part 1 is the 2144th episode of The Bill.

Jim Carver, now a DS at the Greater Manchester Police, shows up at Sun Hill to track down drug dealer Pat Hadley. It's June's last ever day at Sun Hill and she is paired with her ex-husband on an observation mission to find out what Hadley is up to in London, but the pair are soon at loggerheads over their troubled past. She discovers Jim has turned his life around and has a hidden motive for his visit from Manchester - but their animosity soon manages to jeopardise the operation, and the former husband and wife couple are kidnapped by Hadley's assistant Greg Burns. Uniform search wasteland where a skeleton has been found and Lewis is surprised when the trail leads to his flatmate's brother Rudy. Reg gives Lewis life lessons that he takes to heart in an interview.

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