The Jury's Out is the 1608th episode of The Bill.

After a minor car accident in the High Street, PC Carver breathalyses an elderly man, but takes sympathy on him and allows him to leave in a taxi. The man turns out to be Hugh Alexander, a High Court judge with a renowned pro-police stance, and Carver finds himself suspected of showing bias, particularly when Gerry Fablon, the other man involved in the accident, threatens legal action against the Met. At the trial of a man accused of murdering a police officer, PC Worrell feels marginalised as a black officer when she is asked to testify and be a character witness for the dead officer. Ch Insp Conway meets with Fablon, and discovers that he is addicted to litigation, and the accident was his fault. Carver, meanwhile, has a chance to redeem himself when Conway hears that Alexander may be drink-driving again that night.

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