The Coop
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61 1988x026
Original Airdate
13 October 1988 FlagIcon UK small
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PC Edwards and WPC Ackland are on their lunch break, warning a man for flying a model helicopter too close to the road. They then investigate a terrible smell coming from a nearby property, and discover a shed full of the carcasses of battery hens. The smell of the coop is making Edwards sick. The owner appears with a shotgun and takes Edwards and Ackland hostage, ordering them to switch off their radios. Sgt. Peters comes looking for them and is taken hostage as well, and he and Edwards are handcuffed to the cages. PCs Stamp and Melvin locate the shed when the gunman fires a shot through the roof. To create a diversion, Ackland starts to free the few remaining live chickens, and is able to disarm the gunman.

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In 2019, Series Designer Peter Joyce recorded an Audio Commentary for this episode, released exclusively via The Bill Podcast Patreon Channel


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