Testament is the 1123rd episode of The Bill

W.D.C. Croft and D.S. Boulton investigate the sudden death of an apparently healthy middle-aged woman who lived alone. The F.M.E tells them that it looks like she suffocated in her sleep and says it would be unusual for someone of her age not to wake themselves if they were having breathing difficulties. Going through her belongings, Croft finds a few things out of place in an otherwise spotlessly tidy flat. Together with the fresh flowers that W.P.C. Page found in the rubbish bin outside, this leads them to belive that someone else had been inside the flat recently.

The dead woman's boss tells Boulton and Croft that she was a quiet person who kept to herself, and that he doesn't know of anyone from work who had been to her home. Some entries in her diaries lead them to an old friend of hers. He tells them that they had met up again recently for the first time in almost thirty years and had been seeing each other for dinner once or twice a week. He went around to see her on the day that she died but there was already a man there. The description fits her boss.

Boulton and Croft bring the man in to Sun Hill for questioning. He admits lying to them about going to her flat and says that he wanted to have sex with her. On the pretence of coming around to celebrate closing a deal they had been working on together, he got her into the garden to drink some champagne and slipped something in her drink. He began to worry when she started saying she didn't feel well and helped her into bed, then tried to clear away any evidence that he had been there and left.

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