Temptation is the 1610th episode of The Bill.

P.C. Clarke has been working double shifts all week, and goes behind Sgt. Ackland's back to get some more overtime from Sgt. Boyden as she is desperately in debt. P.C. Taviner promises her some time in the Area Car, much to P.C. Hollis's annoyance. Taviner and Clarke interview Warren Debdale, a student who was brutally beaten, but he insists he didn't know the perpetrators. His father suspects the boy's friends are involved, but D.C. Glaze discovers the father is being blackmailed by a drug smuggling gang. Assigned to watch Warren in the hospital, an exhausted and miserable Clarke has a coffee with a nurse and is horrified to find Warren missing when she returns. With D.I. Cullen and CID holding back from raiding the gang in case they hurt the boy, Clarke spots Warren's friend Karen on the estate and she admits he is staying at her flat. CID sweep in and arrest the gang, and Clarke is off the hook for the moment, although her flatmate threatens to throw her out unless she pays the rent she owes.

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