Sweet Revenge is the 2149th episode of The Bill

PCs Noble and Fletcher attend the scene of a burglary. DS Hunter and DC Masters investigate the assault of a woman running an adult webcam service. DI Nixon sees the chance to put away a villain from her past. Sgt Smith compromises a key witness to the incident. DC Webb and PCs Hinckley and Valentine are assigned to the clean-up of the Jasmine Allen Estate and uncover drug-dealing and joy-riding.

Rescheduled from 14 March 2007 to accommodate the broadcast of a UEFA Cup match.

Goof: Ryan says that he sat in the car for about 40 minutes, and that he saw Parker arrive at 7.20 but leave about 8.30.

This is the first episode with an on-screen title since Set In Stone (31 January 2002). Episodes from this point are officially referred to by both episode number and title.

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