Supping With The Devil
Episode No.   Series
1538 2000x062
Original Airdate
3 October 2000 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Clive Dawson
Directed By
Ian White
Episode Chronology:
Supping With The Devil is the 1538th episode of The Bill.

DS Don Beech meets 'businessman' Howard Fallon at a poker game. When Beech's winnings turn out to be counterfeit notes, he confronts Fallon who offers him a substantial bribe to find out who hijacked one of his lorries and to get to the stolen shipment before Customs or the police. DS Geoff Daly is suspicious when Beech tries to get involved with the investigation, but one of Daly's snouts points the finger at a former employee of Fallon's and the driver of the missing truck. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship between Beech and Fallon.

  • Billy Murray as DS Don Beech
  • Ray Ashcroft as DS Geoff Daly
  • Matthew Crompton as PC Sam Harker
  • Suzanne Maddock as PC Cass Rickman
  • Clara Salaman as DS Claire Stanton
  • Shaun Scott as DI Chris Deakin
  • Chris Simmons as DC Mickey Webb
  • Trudie Goodwin as Sgt June Ackland
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