Episode No.   Series
2139 2007x013
Original Airdate
15 February 2007 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Stimulation is 2139th episode of The Bill.

Newly-promoted Sam takes on the outstanding missing-person files, and proposes a press event to stimulate new responses in the Tennant case. The relief are tasked with policing the Aldbourne Estate, which is to be redeveloped despite the objections of some residents. Tony and Reg catch a youth who has been stealing piping from one of the properties, but the developer refuses to press charges. June challenges him over the use of a derelict property as a drugs den. Smithy and Roger arrest a man for reckless driving, but he gives a false identity and is bailed. Sam and Stuart arrange a sting operation to trap him. Smithy is unimpressed when Kezia decides to spring a surprise for his birthday, and decides to end their relationship. June tells Tony and Reg that she has decided to retire.

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