Special Attention is the 1647th episode of The Bill.

PCs Taviner and Hollis are 'volunteered' to look after new recruit, Special Constable Terry Knowles. Taviner is unimpressed and tells Knowles to do only as he's told. Meanwhile, DS Singh and DC Riley are visiting the Mahmood family whose house has been vandalised. Mrs Mahmood and her son Rikki claim their neighbours, the Halston family, are racists and imply they caused the damage, particularly as Janice Halston had worked for them at their launderette until recently, when she was sacked for stealing. CID visit Janice who says she can hardly be racist when her baby is the son of her black lover and denies any responsibility. Out on the beat Knowles is desperate to prove himself and wants to attend when he hears that the Mahmoods' launderette has been smashed up but Taviner tells him to wait. Later, Taviner insists they ignore another call requesting further help for the Mahmoods. Back at the station Sgt Gilmore warns Knowles that he only needs to impress the sergeants, not his colleagues, and he cautions Taviner to refrain from corrupting Knowles.


First appearance of Special Constable Terry Knowles (Alex Avery).

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