Speaking Freely
Episode No.   Series
183 1989x100
Original Airdate
14th December 1989 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Directed By
Episode Chronology:

Speaking Freely is the 183rd episode of The Bill

Frazer brings in a suspected shoplifter. Frazer is having her appraisal interview later. A woman comes in to inform Frazer that there might be problems at a talk given by a pro-abortionist.

  • Barbara Thorn as Insp, Frazer
  • Peter Ellis as Ch. Supt. Brownlow
  • Ben Roberts as Ch. Insp. Conway
  • Christopher Ellison as D.I. Burnside
  • Roger Leach as Sgt. Penny
  • Larry Dann as Sgt. Peters
  • Mark Haddigan as P.C. Able
  • Huw Higginson as P.C. Garfield
  • Vikki Gee-Dare as W.P.C. Ford
  • Seeta Indrani as W.P.C. Datta
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