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Somebody Special
Reid's gift

Reid receives the gift that Carver bought on behalf of CID

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409 1992x013
Original Airdate
13th February 1992 FlagIcon UK small
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"Somebody Special" is the 409th episode of The Bill. It is the 13th episode of 1992. It was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on 13 February 1992 and features the final regular appearance of D.C.I Kim Reid.


D.S. Greig, about to take over as Acting D.I. tries to recruit a hardened female thief as a snout, but finds her more than a match for him. D.C.I. Reid is promoted out of Sun Hill to MS15. D.C. Carver is tasked with buying her leaving present, but his choice leaves a lot to be desired.


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  • In this episode Reid says "...[she] wasn't about to disappear in a puff of smoke like Gordon Wray...". This refers to how quickly Wray left Sun Hill after his affair with W.P.C. Ackland.
  • In the episode "Part of the Furniture", when Dashwood receives his leaving present he thanks Carver, but D.I. Burnside is quick to add "[Carver] didn't buy it, not after that Kim Reid fiasco...", in reference to this episode.

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