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Some You Win, Some You Lose
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25 1987x002
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28th September 1987 FlagIcon UK small
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Some You Win, Some You Lose is the 25th episode of The Bill.


Ch. Supt. Brownlow and D.I. Galloway lead a massive raid on a drug den on a local council estate which escalates into a full-blown riot, but half a million pounds worth of crack cocaine is recovered. P.C. Melvin loses a handcuffed prisoner in the confusion, but he is arrested by P.C. Hollis when he turns up at the station asking for his handcuffs to be removed. The operation is down to D.C. Dashwood, whose snout is feeding them information on the main drug dealer. Meeting with the snout to get the location of the main drug lab, Dashwood is alarmed when P.C. Carver recognises his informant as another dealer named Duggie Gardiner. C.I.D. raid the location given to Dashwood by Gardiner, but find nothing except a student squat.

Desperate to arrest the dealer, and furious with Dashwood for lying about his snout, Galloway stakes out the dealer's Range Rover in a car park, despite Brownlow insisting he end the operation. When a borough councillor complains to Insp. Kite about the estate raid, it is discovered that the squat has a hidden basement. Galloway and his team race back there only to discover they have been beaten to it by the Drugs Squad from the Yard.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Cryer holds a public viewing at Sun Hill for recovered stolen property, but a gold snuff box is re-stolen before the owner arrives to claim it.


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Guest Cast:


  • Despite this being Ken Melvin's first on-screen appearance, he has been at Sun Hill since around 1985. (see "Trojan Horse")


  • First credited appearance of P.C. Tony Stamp (Graham Cole) – he has previously appeared as an uncredited extra. Despite being credited and appearing in the background of the CAD room, Cole has no dialogue. He would join the cast as a series regular in the following season.
  • First appearances of P.C. Danesh Patel (Sonesh Sira) and P.C. Ken Melvin (Mark Powley).
  • This was the second episode in which the entire regular cast appeared, the first being "Ringer".
  • First appearance of the Sun Hill CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) room. Previously, Sun Hill communicated with officers on the beat through a telephone device that was situated on a desk in the front room of the station.
  • Dogs trained by Stunt Dogs Incorporated.
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