Shout is the 1643rd episode of The Bill.


Acting D.I. Rawton and D.S. Cork visit the scene of the latest attack. Cork is doubtful that the perpetrator is the same as the one they are looking for, as there is no bag over the victim's head and her hands haven't been tied. Meanwhile D.C. Spears is fruitlessly searching for her missing friend Eddie. She fears for his safety when she finds Cork with Eddie's phone, claiming it had been handed in at the front desk. As D.S. Singh propounds to Cork and Rawton that their prey might be getting bolder, Rawton opens a package containing torn knickers and a rose petal. Horrified, she explains she received the same from a "nutcase" a couple of years ago who later committed suicide. Cork is aware of the incident and suggests the rapist is baiting them. He proposes they set a trap. Spears volunteers along with P.C. Clarke and P.C. Page to pose as prostitutes in a local park hoping to attract the rapist. However, it is Spears who is dangerously exposed when Cork, who is supposed to be guarding her, is nowhere to be seen.


Liz Rawton receives an envelope containing lingerie and rose petals as she did in Judgement Day, her final episode as a regular character.

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