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Second Sight
Episode No.   Series
658 1994x002
Original Airdate
6th January 1994 FlagIcon UK small
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Second Sight is the 658th episode of The Bill


Jim is moaning about a tom (prostitute). Tosh and Jim are told to keep on the case. They go to a shop where they climb on the roof to observe the tom. While on observation they notice she has 2 visitors - 1 a biker, the other a known drug dealer. They bring in the tom and when he goes upstairs, Jim discovers the biker is wanted for the robbery everyone else was working on. The new D.I. walks up the stairs with Conway. As she arrives in the office she takes a phone call telling her there is a robbery in progress at a pub with the robbers still on premises. CID head down there leaving Tosh and Jim to deal with the tom. Steve and Polly arrive to find an injured man outside. George and Tony arrive in the area car as two men take off on a motor bike. Crofts has noticed a pattern emerging in the money snatches.


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