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18 1986x001
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6th January 1986 FlagIcon UK small
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Ringer is the 18th episode of The Bill. Accidents can happen, but the boys from Sun Hill know that they are not always what they seem.


There is a serious road crash involving a Porsche, a motorcycle, a coach, a lorry and a Cortina resulting in six deaths. The Porsche had been tampered with prior to the accident and turns out to have been made of three different cars. Brownlow sets up a temporary morgue at a local school; W.P.C. Martella and P.C. Muswell have the job of informing relatives of the deaths. After following the trail from the Porsche, D.I. Galloway raids a scrapyard only to find D.S. Burnside from the robbery squad undercover as a buyer, about to break the ring, but having forgotten to tell Galloway.



  • P.C. Robin Frank returns to duty in a deskbound capacity while recovering from the bullet wound sustained in "Hostage".


  • This is the first episode of The Bill in which the entire regular cast appears.
  • Second of three Guest Appearances by Christopher Ellison as Sgt. Burnside. He joins the regular cast in Series 4.
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