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Requiem discovery

The decayed skeleton found behind a wall

Episode No.   Series
49 1988x014
Original Airdate
1st September 1988 FlagIcon UK small
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"Requiem" is the 49th episode of The Bill. It is the fourteenth episode 1988 and therefore the fourteenth of Series 4.


P.C. Ramsey and P.C. Haynes attend a flat where the occupants have discovered a decayed skeleton in the wall where they were going to build a fireplace. Sgt. Cryer, D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood are called in, and a forensic expert soon arrives to examine the body. What looks like a baby's body is also found, but it turns out to be a doll. While CID search for former occupants and interview the Trants' obnoxious neighbours, a note is found in the wall from a merchant sailor who couldn't afford a funeral, so he put his dead wife's body in the wall.


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