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98 1989x015
Original Airdate
21st February 1989 FlagIcon UK small
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Repercussions is the 98th episode of The Bill

Chief Supt. Brownlow arrives at Sun Hill through a crowd of journalists anxious to hear his reaction to the CID drug bust operation that went drastically wrong. Chief Insp. Conway yells at D.I. Burnside before going to see Sgt. Cryer, who gives his own take on the operation. P.C. Smith is accused of making racist remarks while arresting one of the schoolgirls, but P.C. Ramsey is the real culprit. The headmaster of the school comes to talk to Mr. Brownlow.

Part two of a two-part story. This is the first direct continuation of a story from a previous episode, and the first to feature a recap of the previous episode before the opening titles.

  • Eric Richard as Sgt. Cryer
  • Ben Roberts as Ch. Insp. Conway
  • Christopher Ellison as D.I. Burnside
  • Robert Hudson as P.C. Edwards
  • Nick Reding as P.C. Ramsey
  • Peter Ellis as Ch. Supt. Brownlow
  • Roger Leach as Sgt. Penny
  • Colin Blumenau as P.C. Edwards
  • Kevin Lloyd as D.C. Lines
  • Barbara Thorn as Insp. Frazer
  • Larry Dann as Sgt. Peters
  • Trudie Goodwin as W.P.C. Ackland
  • Jeff Stewart as P.C. Hollis
  • Nula Conwell as W.P.C. Martella
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