Ramsay newspaper headline

Front cover of the Evening Standard with Ramsey's shooting as the headline

Episode No.   Series
143 1989x060
Original Airdate
26th July 1989 FlagIcon UK small
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Pickup is the 143rd episode of The Bill.


Everyone is on edge following the shooting of P.C. Ramsey, especially P.C. Haynes, who takes out his frustrations on a motorist. W.P.C. Martella takes her concerns about him to Sgt. Cryer.

Insp. Frazer and D.I. Burnside lead an operation against prostitutes who are suspected of robbing their clients. The operation is a cover to enable a snout to talk to the robbery squad. Unfortunately it turns out to be more successful than planned.


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  • Several prop newspapers refer to the shooting of P.C. Pete Ramsey in the previous episode ("SHOT P.C. HANGS ON"). No further reference is made to Ramsey, although and official publications confirm that he died from his injuries.

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