Paint It Black is the 1616th episode of The Bill.


D.C. Raven lets P.C. Hayward go when he explains the sting operation, but Hayward is grounded by Supt. Chandler when the "missing drugs" story hits the newspapers. Nonetheless, Raven takes Hayward with him on an undercover operation to arrest local dealer Curtis Cleaver, and Hayward comes to realise that Raven's unconventional method of dealing with the drug problem is to undercut dealers such as Pullinger and Cleaver by selling the drugs himself. P.C. Klein is worried about his friend and Raven's influence over him, and when D.S. Singh decides he's had enough of their underhanded dealings, P.C. Clarke and P.C. Stamp track the pair to the flat where Raven is about to inject a junkie with a lethal overdose. Cleaver shows up with the aim of killing Raven, and in the struggle that follows, Raven is stabbed and Cleaver is injected with the heroin needle.

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