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Paid In Full
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654 1993x153
Original Airdate
24th December 1993 FlagIcon UK small
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Paid In Full is the 654th episode in The Bill


Sgt. Boyden and PC Quinnan witness three young males smash the window of an electrical store, attempting to raid it. Boyden tackles one of the raiders, who is armed with a metal pipe, while Quinnan chases another. The grateful store owners give Boyden a gift of a CD player and speakers, and the owner of a neighbouring store brings in a bottle of scotch for him.

Insp. Monroe discovers the CD player in Quinnan's car and is not happy that Boyden has accepted gifts. To cover himself and placate Monroe, Boyden has to hurriedly arrange to buy the CD player from the store and produce a receipt. Quinnan jokes about Boyden having to pay for what he originally thought was a free gift, but Boyden has the last laugh when he reveals that he also got a free camcorder in with the deal.

DC Woods and WDC Croft investigate the theft of money from a software firm. The suspect is an ex-offender. When interviewed, she claims to have been set up after the security officer tried to assault her, as he had done with another employee. She is vindicated when the other employee also comes forward to say she was assaulted.


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