Out of The Blue
Episode No.   Series
288 1990x101
Original Airdate
18th December 1990 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:
Out of the Blue is the 288th episode of The Bill.


W.P.C. Ackland is late for work. Insp. Monroe notices her late arrival. Her friendship with D.C.I. Wray is the subject of station gossip. D.S. Greig talks to Wray about a case. Wray wants to talk to him about CID is working. Wray is told that he will be transferred from Sun Hill due to his affair with Ackland. Ch. Insp. Conway tells him that the new D.A.C. was behind the transfer. Wray is furious and determined to find out which officer grassed them up, and why. Ackland thinks that Monroe was responsible, and she is not the only one. P.C. Smollett chats up W.P.C. French.


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