Out On A Limb
Episode No.   Series
1278 1998x010
Original Airdate
22nd January 1998 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Colin Wyatt
Directed By
Derek Lister
Episode Chronology:
Out On A Limb is the 1279th episode of The Bill.

DCs Skase and Proctor are held hostage by a gunman demanding money.

  • D.C. Skase - Iain Fletcher
  • D.C. Proctor - Gregory Donaldson
  • Sgt. Cryer - Eric Richard
  • P.C. Stamp - Graham Cole
  • P.C. Harker - Matthew Crompton
  • W.P.C. Datta - Seeta Indrani
  • P.C. Garfield - Huw Higginson
  • P.C. McCann - Clive Wedderburn
  • P.C. Hollis - Jeff Stewart
  • Sgt. Boyden - Tony O'Callaghan
  • W.P.C. Blake - Lolita Chakrabarti
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