One To One
Episode No.   Series
86 1989x003
Original Airdate
10 January 1989 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:
One to One is the 86th episode of The Bill.

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Stamp arrive at a brothel, where they find Jo Whitney, the daughter of a prominent local councillor, soaked in paraffin and threatening to set herself and the building on fire. Jo is a prostitute and a drug addict - but she hasn't had a fix for three days, and is highly agitated and strung out. Ackland stays with her to try and talk her round, while Stamp calls the fire brigade. There is a struggle to gain control of the lighter, and as a result, the flat catches fire, but Stamp manages to get both women out. Almost immediately after this ordeal, C.A.D. asks June to move on to deal with a burglary.

  • Trudie Goodwin as W.P.C. Ackland
  • Graham Cole as P.C. Stamp
  • Roger Leach as Sgt. Penny
  • Arabella Weir as Jo Whitney
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