One Day, But Not Today
Episode No.   Series
2299 2008x081
Original Airdate
27 November 2008 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Tom Higgins
Directed By
Sallie Aprahamian
Episode Chronology:
One Day, But Not Today is the 2302nd episode of The Bill

PC Stamp takes PC Roberts for his advanced drivers' assessment. The officers pursue but lose a stolen vehicle that is later involved in a hit-and-run incident.

  • Ben Richards as PC Nate Roberts
  • Graham Cole as PC Tony Stamp
  • Micah Balfour as PC Benjamin Gayle
  • Ali Bastian as PC Sally Armstrong
  • Alex Walkinshaw as Sgt Dale Smith
  • Louise Lytton as PC Beth Green
  • Clare Foster as PC Millie Brown
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