On The Edge is the 2169th episode of The Bill.

Tash Niles' brother Rudy lies in Intensive Care following a shooting. It's obvious that Ray Moore is responsible, to stop Tash from testifying about hearing Wesley Meeks' last words. When Rudy is nearly killed after going into cardiac arrest, Tash says she'll give evidence. Lewis loses his cool with Heaton when he doesn't arrest Moore. Beth, Diane, Will and Dan deal with a major RTA, but something doesn't add up. Heaton uses Ray's wife to get to him, but as soon as they finally have enough evidence to get Ray for the shooting. Tash tells Lewis Rudy has 24 hours left, and Lewis takes matters into his own hands, and goes to confront Moore. As Heaton moves into arrest Ray he's found dead at the bottom of a multi-storey.

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