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Not Without Cause
Episode No.   Series
35 1987x012
Original Airdate
7th December 1987 FlagIcon UK small
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Not Without Cause is the 35th episode of The Bill


Sgt. Penny is asked by a landlord to talk to a lady on the top floor who is keeping cats. He is shot through the door after finding out his radio doesn't work. When Penny doesn't respond to radio calls, the station is worried about him and organises a search party. The landlord turns up at the station and talks to D.I. Galloway who doesn't make the connection.

Insp. Kite nicks four people for breach of peace that he caused.

A suspected poisoning of chocolate bars is traced to a supermarket.


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Guest Cast:


  • This was the final episode to feature the original arrangement of the theme music.
  • This was the final episode in the original one-hour format. The show would return the following year as a twice-weekly half-hourly show, broadcast all year round. The show would return to the one-hour format 11 years later.
  • Final appearances of D.I. Galloway, Roy (John Salthouse), Insp. Kite, Brian (Simon Slater) and P.C. Shaw, Nick (Chris Walker), with their departures never explained.
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