Not To Praise Him is the 1648th episode of The Bill.

Sgt Gilmore addresses the congregation at Terry Knowles's funeral and mentions the dead man's habit of chatting up girls, which causes a bit of a stir. After the service, Supt Tom Chandler tries to comfort Knowles's mother but is dragged away by her daughter Tina, who blames the police for her brother's death. Meanwhile at Sun Hill DS Singh and DCI Meadows are liaising with Jay Ramsay who is planning to direct a reconstruction of the murder for a TV programme. Meadows is angry when the director comments about Knowles flirting with the murderer before his death. Outside the chapel, PC Klein is helping a young woman with a pushchair and is shocked when she introduces herself as Dani Knowles, Knowles's widow. When she asks about Knowles's death, Klein tells her not to believe the press reports. As the drink flows at the wake the tensions rise between arch enemies Gilmore and PC Taviner, resulting in a full-blown punch up. [Source:]

This was the last episode with Richard Handford as executive producer.

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