Night Games is the 1640th episode of The Bill.


Sun Hill is eagerly preparing for the final of the "Ask A Policeman" quiz, but when Sgt. Ackland has to drop out at the last minute, Insp. Monroe replaces her with the unpopular D.C. Spears. Meanwhile, Liz Rawton, now Acting D.I. with the OCG, arrives at the station. She is heading up an operation which is trying to catch a dangerous rapist, most of whose victims have been prostitutes. She plans to be based at Sun Hill.

The quiz is in full flow with Tony Blackburn at the helm but Sun Hill is losing until Spears saves the day and they win a weekend away. Only Monroe congratulates her. The next day Spears asks to be part of Rawton's team but her request is denied and she is forced to join the others at a grand hotel where they are greeted by hotel reps Tommy and Fay. Later, both P.C. Rickman and P.C. Clarke take a shine to local D.S. Peter Cork but he only has eyes for a certain DC. By bribing Tommy, Cork ensures that his blind date for the salsa evening is Spears.


This series of 6 linked episodes feature the return of Libby Davison as Acting DI Liz Rawton, who was a series regular (as DC Rawton) 1996-2000.

Liz Rawton is referred to as Acting DI by Superintendent Chandler, but Libby Davison is credited as DI Liz Rawton. This contrasts with the approach taken on Lies of Silence, where the character identified herself as Acting DI but Davison was credited as a DS.

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