Moving Target Part 2
Episode 540
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Steve Bailie


Sylvie Boden


Paul Wroblewski

Airdate: FlagIcon UK small 21st November 2007

23 (2007 Episodes)

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Moving Target Part 1

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Moving Target Part 3

Metropolitan Police
Case No. 3957840

Gunned down
Paul Sagger MP and Cleric Nadim Mura have been shot down after taking the stage to speak at the ‘Rock Against Racism’ event. Sagger’s been shot in the shoulder –it’s a non-life threatening injury. Mura’s not been so lucky: the bullet has gone into his lung – he’s in a critical condition. Now the investigation moves on to who shot down these key figures in Canley’s community and why?

Now it’s murder
Mura summons Heaton to his bedside. Heaton asks if he knows who shot him but Mura only manages to whisper the name ‘Abdul Muntaqim’. Minutes after the superintendent leaves, Mura goes into cardiac arrest and dies. This is now a murder investigation.

Grace believes the shooting could have something to do with Sagger smuggling looted artefacts out of Iraq. On the flip side, evidence strongly suggests it was The Bulldogs of Patriotism that assassinated Mura and shot Sagger, after Jo and Terry find a confession.

Back at the crime scene Grace and Manson re-enact the double shooting and realise it was intended to be a triple attack with Heaton being the third target. Whilst phoning through to the super’ their discovery, Heaton gets into his car with Sagger as it comes under gunfire…

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