Mother's Ruin
Episode No.   Series
906 1995x94
Original Airdate
22 August 1995 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:
Mother's Ruin is the 906th episode of The Bill.

Sgt. Boyden gets a shock when he receives a letter from the Child Support Agency telling him that he has a daughter. Unfortunately for him, DS Beech found out first and now the entire station knows about it. Boyden is adamant that he doesn't know the woman and enlists DC Croft's help to find out who she is. It turns out she was a former burglary victim who took a shine to him when he came to investigate. He is elated to now be in the clear.

Elsewhere, PCs Ackland and Hollis investigate a theft at a catering firm. The prime suspect is a delivery driver named Earl Lee. Ackland and Hollis learn that he is a thief who was stealing goods from the bakery and selling them, and is abusive to his girlfriend Jan. But they also discover that he's been set up by Jan's daughter Hayley, who was trying to get rid of him. The woman whose money he was alleged to have stolen then comes to the station to admit she only accused him because he owed her money.


Idris Elba guest stars as Earl Lee.

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