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Episode No.   Series
1635 2001x075
Original Airdate
16 November 2001 Flag of United Kingdom
Written By
Steve Handley
Directed By
Graham Moore
Episode Chronology:

Money Man is the 1638th episode of The Bill.


The new prisoner intake at HM Prison Shadwell includes one Danny Sinclair, a.k.a. DC Danny Glaze, undercover to ascertain the whereabouts of £11 million stolen by fellow prisoner Andy Burton. Glaze manages to hold up against the prison guards and a gang led by Rufus Anderson, as he works to gain Burton's trust. He convinces his cellmate Ricky Sefton to smuggle some crack into the prison, and then to plant it in the cell of Burton's right-hand-man, FA. With FA out of the picture, Glaze helps Burton out until he trusts him enough to take him along in a daring escape. Unfortunately for Burton, his operation and the escape plan have been taken over by Paul Grint, an old associate turned enemy, and he and Danny are held prisoner in a disused office building. D.C. Lennox and D.C. Riley interview Rufus Anderson, who tells them he recognised Glaze as a cop, and told Andy Burton who he really was. By following Burton's friend, Dave Markham, whom Burton suspects has sold him out to Grint, CID work out the location where Glaze is being held. Grint threatens to kill Burton's girlfriend Janie Walker unless he is given the money. As SO19 surround the building, Burton transfers the money via computer to Grint's account, only to find out that Janie has betrayed him. The police raid the office, but they are too late to stop Burton from shifting the money into several untraceable accounts.


  • DC Danny Glaze - Karl Collins
  • DC Duncan Lennox - George Rossi
  • DCI Jack Meadows - Simon Rouse
  • DC Paul Riley - Gary Grant
  • DI Alex Cullen - Ged Simmons
  • Insp Andrew Monroe - Colin Tarrant
  • PC Dave Quinnan - Andrew Paul
  • PC Di Worrell - Jane Wall


This is a special feature-length episode.

The SO19 officer who shoots Steve Ross is played by Roger Gray, a real-life SO19 officer (now retired), and author of a book about the Firearms Unit called "The Trojan Files".

DCI Jack Meadows has sported a shaven-headed, grey-haired look since Britanniamania: Going Underground, but this episode has him with his pre-Britanniamania hairstyle. He reverts to the close-cropped look for his next appearance in Compulsion: this episode was simply broadcast out of sequence.