Lure of the Sirens is the 1648th episode of The Bill

An angry PC Taviner, who is the Area Car Driver, has been allocated to CAD duty by Sgt Gilmore, who is determined to rein in the maverick copper. Taviner responds by going home sick. As they leave the station, PC Stamp is amused by Taviner's predicament but Terry Knowles is sympathetic. The team are called to a domestic disturbance. John Peters is trying to get into his estranged wife's house. He wants to take his sons to a football match but his wife won't allow it. Knowles makes his feelings clear about absent fathers but PC Hollis reprimands him. Mr Peters leaves sadly with Stamp sympathising with his plight while Knowles is dismissive. Back in the car they receive a call to attend to youths damaging cars. At the scene Knowles and Hollis recognise Josh, a young lad who is infatuated with Taviner. He denies doing the damage and gives a description of two boys. Josh asks after his hero but on learning that Taviner has gone home sick, Stamp is scornful but Knowles retaliates. The situation hots up when Stamp criticises Knowles as a part-timer, forcing Hollis to intervene before events turn nasty.

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