Located- Part 2
Episode No.   Series
2141 2007x015
Original Airdate
22 February 2007 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Located Part 2 is the 2141st episode of The Bill.

It is the conclusion to the Amy Tennant Case.

Emma works out that abductor Shelley Fitzgerald is likely to take Amy Tennant to her childhood haunts in Brighton, after the child is captured on CCTV found by Neil and Sam. Lewis is the first to congratulate her for getting the hunt back on track, but husband Matt continues to belittle everything she does. Neil leads the team in a frantic search Brighton, where an elated James Tennant finally sets eyes on his daughter for the first time in a year. Roger and Dan bring the boyfriend of the suspected abductor in for questioning.

Final appearance of James Tennant (Neil Stuke).

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