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Loan Shark
Episode No.   Series
20 1986x003
Original Airdate
20th January 1986 FlagIcon UK small
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Loan Shark is the 20th episode of The Bill. Fly-dumping, shoplifting and drunken, abusive neighbours: all in day's work for the coppers of Sun Hill Nick.


A young mother caught shoplifting at a supermarket confesses to Sgt Cryer that she is in debt to local loan shark 'Aunty' Peg Miller. PC Edwards checks cases of fly tipping (unauthorised dumping of rubble) in the area and discovers some disaffected Welsh miners may be responsible. A Mrs Taylor makes a complaint about a noisy neighbour, but when WPC Ackland investigates, she finds the neighbour dead.



  • Graham Cole makes a further uncredited appearance in this episode. His callsign, SO 595, which would be used when he later joined the cast as P.C. Tony Stamp, can be seen on his shoulder epaulettes.
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