Lifelines is the 1634th episode of The Bill

In the station locker room, PC Clarke tells PC Rickman that she's got tickets for a hot club. As they laugh, PC Hagen enters and the room goes silent. Hagen demands to know what they are saying about her and Sgt Boyden. She haughtily boasts that she might try Supt Chandler next time. Hagen joins PC Stamp in the area car but is unimpressed by his lack of speed. They attend the mugging of a pensioner Archie Dodds who has had his wallet taken by a young kid. When the mugger is spotted assaulting another pensioner, Stamp and Hagen set off in pursuit. However he escapes when Stamp stops to help the victim. Hagen sarcastically dubs him "Florence Nightingale". That evening Hagen turns up, uninvited, at the girls' night out and quickly picks up Rob Tucker, but her amorous advances have catastrophic consequences.

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