Video shop scam

P.C. Smith's final day is not a quiet one as he deals with several people who are victim of a scam

Episode No.   Series
148 1989x065
Original Airdate
15th August 1989 FlagIcon UK small
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Leaving is the 148th episode of The Bill.


P.C. Yorkie Smith clears out his locker in readiness for leaving the force when the early morning shift ends. He goes to a suspected break-in at a video shop. P.C. Hollis thought he was going to Lombardy House instead. Yorkie has lost the area car but it turns out to be a prank by the relief. There is a scam concerning the video shop. W.P.C. Brind dresses very sexily for Yorkie's leaving party.


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  • Peter Ellis is erroneously credited as Ch. Insp. Brownlow.


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