Kiss Off, Part 2

P.C. Hagen finds P.C. Santini's tickets to Amsterdam, and questions him about them, but he is evasive. D.C.I. Pallister takes D.S. Fox off the Jessica Orton case after her accusations against Santini, but she decides to do some investigation of her own. Santini, meanwhile, acquires a gun and some Class A drugs to plant in Ferguson's boss's house when D.S. Timpney and the Area Drugs Squad raid it. Fox stumbles upon the house and is captured by Ferguson. His boss Mr Sherman is displeased that Santini allowed a police officer to find them. When Area Drugs arrive at Sun Hill for the raid, C.I.D. realise that both Santini and Fox are in trouble. Sure enough, Ferguson's radio scanner warns him of the forthcoming raid and he locks Santini in the same room as Fox. The two argue, but are pulled apart when Santini attacks Fox. She manages to escape, and Sherman's men are intercepted by SO19. Back at Sun Hill, Fox realises the keys in Hagen's possession are Jessica Orton's, and she arrests Santini for murder.

This is a condensed version of the second half of Push It and the original Kiss Off, broadcast (along with Kiss Off, Part 1) as a prelude to The Trial of Eddie Santini.

A video tape, The Bill: The Trial of Eddie Santini, featuring all three episodes, was released by Clear Vision on 9 October 2000. A DVD version was released by Prism Leisure (FHED1597) on 14 October 2002.

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